Monday, January 20, 2014

Hello from Neah Bay!

Hello from Neah Bay!  We arrived the evening of the 16th and settled in, but picked up the pace the next day and it hasn’t slowed down.  Of course, the first thing we did after settling into our beach-side cabins was walk down to the beach and watch the sun set. 

Sunset on the Beach by Darlene Reilley

Feet in the Sand by Darlene Reilley

Friday the 17th we had an orientation session at the Makah Culture and Resource Center (MCRC) before having brunch at the Senior Center.  Then we toured the Wellness Center, which is new—they built it above the tsunami zone.  An elder passed away and we were invited to help set up and take down chairs and tables for the funeral.  It was a honor to assist as junior family members.  The Makah are very welcoming and generous hosts. 

The view from Cabin 25.

View of the Ocean from our Cape Flattery hike. 
The Anthropology group at the most Northwest point in the United States.  In the background is Tatoosh Island. 

Saturday the 18th we had a village orientation and a tour of the MCRC.  My favorite part was sitting in a replica of a longhouse which was recreated in the museum to resemble House 1 from the Ozette archaeological dig.  It is huge!  You could fit over 60 people in there easily.  We then hiked to the most Northwest tip of Washington—it was beautiful!  Several of us scampered down a basalt area to look at the ocean.  There were sea lions out in the water and across the area on a rock off Tatoosh Island.  After the hike we ate Fish Soup at the Lutheran Church—picture 1 and 2 inch square halibut with potatoes and celery in a light broth.  It was delicious! (I love food…don’t we all?)
Time for canoeing! 

On Sunday several of us attended church.  Although there were several to go to, I went to the Lutheran Church.  After lunch at the church, we took a canoe ride down a river.  It took two long canoes to fit all of us!  After that we were treated to salmon spread and stories.  I love hearing people tell their oral history.  We then went to the marina for Indian Tacos and the Bone Game.  My favorite moment drumming during the Bone Game.
Today many of our group are hiking to the Ozette archaeological dig with Dr. Huelsbeck.  Stay tuned for more updates from the coast!



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